My work is focused on projects that embody ideals of sustainability, high quality of life, and healthy communities. Specific areas of interest include climate change and carbon economics, clean air, water & healthy ecosystems, data & applied technologies, organizational optimization, fairness, equity, utility, incrementalism and simplicity.

I’m a believer in and advocate for wilderness, and a steelhead flyfisher.

Pacific Northwest

Rob Elam


Propel Fuels, Inc. Founder & CEO (Established Seattle, WA 2004)
Propel Workshop Low Carbon R&D Lab; data, white papers.
CARB LCFS Advisory Board

Misc Propel Awards:
AIA Honor Award: Fuel station design
Top 10 Fastest Growing Silicon Valley Private Companies
InfoWorld 100
Inc. 500


Carbon Accounting US20090228404A1 CleanDrive carbon accounting
GIS/Data US20180144353A1 P:LOCAL

Fishing and Conservation

Native Fish Society BOD (Chair 2010-16)
Flyfish Journal/Funny Feelings Inc. Advisor
Writing and photos: The Drake, Flyfish Journal, trade pubs


Natural Utility Fund: NGO funding platform